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Traditionally rock foundations are the most common turf foundations. However, now there is a much easier way to create superior turf drainage for turf applications. Its a Panel System that out performs and exceeds any rock foundation. 

The panel system is designed to provide superior vertical and horizontal water flow, draining water away from the athlete and off the field. With vertical flow rates ranging from 340 to 1500 inches per hour running through the panels, coupled with side cell design which allows water to rapidly flow under the panels, when it rains. Regardless of whether you are installing on a permeable or impermeable surface, the storage capacity built into every panel provides time for water to dissipate into the ground or run under the panels to an awaiting drainage system. A perfect combination of practicality and performance.

Panels provides superior shock absorption. The structural design dissipates the fall energy away from the athlete, like a pebble being dropped in a pond, while delivering the proper peak performance energy back to the athlete.

The panels are made of postindustrial recycled polymers and molded into superior design capable of withstanding tremendous loads and impact. This structural superiority allows for the dramatic reduction of traditional ground preparation, while delivering the strength required to support the weight of emergency vehicles and maintenance equipment.

Pet owners love the panel foundation.They are engineered with polymers that are not affected by pet waste. They are perfect solution for indoor or outdoor kennels, dog runs or pet park areas. Simply hose down the synthetic turf and urine will easily flow through the panels and drain either into the earth below or to an awaiting drain system. Our lock tight turf barbs allow for even the most rambunctious dogs to play safely without turf movement.

The installation time for the panels takes hours not days, not weeks! This is a huge savings in transportation and labor fees.

Click to watch a 90 second video on this amazing base foundation panel technology.

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