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It must be noted right up front. Installing turf is not just simply rolling the turf onto your existing lawn.

The most important area of any turf application is your Base Foundation. Traditionally rock foundations are the most common turf foundations. The rock base foundation allows for drainage at a much slower rate. The rock base drainage is slow to drain almost like sand filtering through an hour glass. However, now there is a much easier way to create superior turf drainage for turf applications. Its a Panel System that out performs and exceeds any rock foundation and prevents any festering in mold growth.

Our Foundation Panel is a Premium Drainage System, it is like a Horizontal Drain Tile for the entire area. Rain drains through immediately. The panels creates space and air in between the turf, thus providing space for water and air to circulate.

Note: The rock base foundation is abrasive and involves much labor and equipment. The Foundation Panel System out performs the rock base system and is much easier and less abrasive. It also can be done in half the time of a rock base.

Pet owners love the panel foundation. They are engineered with polymers that are not affected by pet waste. They are perfect solution for indoor or outdoor kennels, dog runs or pet park areas. Simply hose down the synthetic turf and urine will easily flow through the panels and drain either into the earth below or to an awaiting drain system.

The panels are also a must for Putting Greens. Without them your ball will not roll true and any earth movement over time under your green will also show many unleveled areas. The panel system for Putting Greens is like a large spider web that keeps your golf ball rolling true and hides any unleveled areas that happen over time.

So things to consider are how well does your area drain now? If you have standing water already, then the panels will likely be best. If you have several dogs, the panels would likely be best since this would help drain pet urine. With the foundation panels in place, you can now begin the process of installing the turf.

Price range is based on your turf application selection and the base foundation you choose. Expect to pay $13.50 per sq. foot on an already prepared foundation. Expect to Pay $18.50 to $29.00 per square foot for a professional complete install and this includes all materials, labor and shipping cost.

Or you can buy the material from us and do it yourself. Prepare your own foundation and buy turf starting at $4.75 per sq. foot to $7.00 per sq. foot. Foundation Panels - 3/4 Panels costs $8.50 per sq. foot. DIY Recap: 1) First you must remove grass and sod to create space for your choice of a drainage foundation system. 2) Any rock base foundation needs to be compacted and prepped. 3) The Turf in most cases will require a infill and fabric underlay. 4) Take into consideration other misc. expenses like tool and equipment rental expense and shipping costs.

Please review our photo slideshows from our Application Types menu bar located on the top of this page to see some of our many satisfied customers. No job is too small or too big.

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